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Keeping Your Training Safe

Posted by Lilly Graziani on Jun 11, 2020 1:45:00 PM

Temperature checkHere at AdventHealth Nicholson Center, your safety is our top priority. While the world is ever changing right now, compromising is not an option. Education does not end because a pandemic has occurred, if anything, more education is needed to be able to support a dynamic environment.


Here are some helpful tips to look for in a training facility during this time:

  • Space: Does your training facility have enough space to practice social distancing? Especially during the lecture part of your program.
  • Building Policy: Does your training facility have a clearly outlined policy for those entering the building? Are they providing temperature checks and asking if your attendees have traveled to an outbreak hotspot recently? Are they providing masks to align with the CDC recommendations?
  • Catering: Buffet lines seem to be a thing of the distant past. Can your training facility host your event with individually packaged hot and cold meal options?
  • Technology: Does your training center have any advanced AV capabilities? This could mean live broadcasting to allow fewer people into the lab space, or live case observation done from the lecture hall.
  • Cleanliness: There should be plenty of hand sanitizing stations throughout the building, as well as easy access to soap and water. Also make sure to ask the staff how often they disinfect common areas.
  • Cadaver Tissue: Can your training center provide a serology report for every piece of tissue used within the facility? They should also be able to rule out certain causes of death and provide guidelines around the type of tissue needed to best suit your lab needs.
  • Fluidity with Cancellation Policy: As your organization is shifting with new rules around training and what are acceptable guidelines, your training facility should be dynamic as well.

Regardless of where your training is going to take place, the above measures will help ensure that both you and your attendees are kept as safe as possible.

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