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­­Meet Our Chief Learning Officer: Monica Reed, MD

Posted by Carl Pfeiffer on Sep 5, 2017 1:01:20 PM
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Florida Hosptial Learning Enterprise Leadership Spotlight Monica Reed, MD author Carl Pfeiffer
“The growing of knowledge creates change naturally and organically, and change is how we advance ourselves, peers, culture and all of mankind.” –Monica Reed, MD
Monica Reed MD Florida Hospital Nicholson Center

For the past 24 years, Monica Reed, MD has held numerous leadership positions within the Florida Hospital system, including a nearly 10-year stint as the CEO of Florida Hospital Celebration Health. Today, she is leading Florida Hospital's Learning Enterprise as the Chief Learning Officer. Her innovative approach to knowledge sharing is bringing positive changes to our organization.

Background: Impacting the Masses, in a Short Time

Dr. Reed graduated from the Loma University School of Medicine and practiced medicine in a one-on-one setting initially. During this time, she would intentionally take time in her practice to educate patients, to provide a little extra care, and to meet thier needs holistically. Dr. Reed concurrently held the position as the associate director of Florida Hospital's Family Practice Residency program, allowing her to interact not only with patients, but also with emerging healthcare providers as well.

Her ambition to reach a greater audience didn’t end there. In 1998, she became the medical news reporter for Orlando’s ABC affiliate. Ten years later, Dr. Reed published “The Creation Health Breakthrough: 8 Essentials to Revolutionize Your Health Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually” focusing on eight essentials that can help reverse harmful health habits and prevent disease. Including a three-day total body rejuvenation therapy and a four-phase life transformational plan.

Today: Centralizing the Sharing and Distribution of Knowledge

“This is the first time in history where 5 generations are represented in the work place. Information is the new currency, and has been the great equalizer across all of these generations. However, to be a sustainable organization we must combine all the skill sets to find a good balance between wisdom and information.” –Dr. Monica Reed

During her time as CEO, she helped to shape Celebration Health into one of the most innovative hospitals in Florida. Throughout her entire career, Dr. Reed has had a penchant for teaching and learning, and has been a firm supporter of creating an environment that fosters modernization. Now, in a very different role, she is expanding that work as Florida Hospital’s CLO. One of the key responsibilities for Dr. Reed is orchestrating the integration of the various skills and experiences across the Learning Enterprise teams to make this initiative a success. She envisions Florida Hospital becoming a true learning focused organization where the learning ecosystem is woven into the culture of Florida Hospital and data-driven decisions and communication flow not only top down, but bottom up.

Dr. Reed has really embraced a similar approach to that of Amy Edmondson in that:

 “Learning is not a one-time event or a periodic luxury. Great leaders in great companies recognize that the ability to constantly learn, innovate, and improve is vital to their success.”  Amy Edmondson

In her position, she is hoping to lead teams to find answers to questions like:
  • What if we created a virtual learning institute to have every department function as one organism?
  • What if leaders today took the time to reflect on their day and sought authentic feedback from their team?
  • What if we regarded failures as opportunities to learn and improve, without fear of repercussions?
  • How can employees, patients and community partners more fully embrace Florida Hospital as a major teaching facility?
  • How is the definition of health-care innovation changing? How does Florida Hospital continually actualize innovation in health care delivery? What aspect of the innovation spectrum would we have role in?
In order to achieve these answers, we would need to have a culture that focuses on the below values and core ideas:
  • The importance of bi-directional learning; a daily practice where feedback is being given and received on a consistent basis.
  • The power in leader vulnerability and openness to feedback thereby fostering trust among members of the team.
  • The nature of change as a positive accelerant, and how one learns to embrace change to enhance individual, team and organizational objectives.
  • The impact of a cultural focus psychological safety, which allows people to feel comfortable to speak up in a blameless environment to benefit team growth.
  • The ability to utilize inter-professional education to foster team learning and cohesion. 

We are so excited to have Dr. Reed at the helm of our Learning Enterprise. Stay tuned to see some of the  exciting initiatives in our pipeline. In the meantime, visit our website and see the learning opportunities the Nicholson Center offers in our Education section.

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