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EMS Week: Medical Training Collaboration

Posted by Ethan Marciano on May 24, 2018 9:30:00 AM

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 The 44th Annual National EMS Week is underway, which gives us the chance to recognize EMS practitioners and the amazing work they do in our communities. We have exciting news to help ring in this week: we are launching a training partnership with the City of Orlando Fire Department (OFD) to help save lives in the Greater Orlando Area.

Community Impact

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On June 6-8 2018, we’ll be reaching beyond the walls of the OR and pairing up with OFD to give its firefighters and paramedics an opportunity to practice different pre-hospital advanced life support techniques, such as endotracheal intubation in our cadaver lab.

Firefighters and paramedics are usually the first rescuers at a scene and have to act fast in many different medical situations. The team cannot always get the victim to a hospital before medical attention is needed, so it is important that these rescuers are trained and confident in certain procedures. Our goal in working with the fire department is to decrease the time it takes to intubate a victim, saving more lives as a result.

The purpose of intubation is to provide an unobstructed pathway for ventilation, by inserting a tube down the patient’s trachea. This procedure is only performed on critically ill or severely injured patients. The risks and complications that can occur are greater for patients already exhibiting an unpredictable condition. For example, in the human body, it can be challenging to locate the correct landmarks, or the airway can be obstructed by blood and other bodily fluids. These situations cannot be prepared for in a regular training setting, as it is difficult to mimic sudden complications in routine calls.

Medical Training Program

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The Nicholson Center’s state-of-the-art cadaver labs are an ideal place for first responders to learn these techniques because our services allow them to work directly with the human body and therefore become better acquainted with all of the complications that may come with it. Traditionally, paramedics train with innovation mannequins. Although they are great for learning the basics and procedures, mannequins do not portray the difficulties that can occur during a real-life intubation. Starting June 6th, several paramedics will train at the Nicholson Center with a Teleflex instructor on efficient rescues in a variety of scenarios.

While we pride ourselves on the quality of our quality bioskills labs, fresh-frozen cadavers, customizable rooms and digital services, we are deeply proud and humbled to work hand-in-hand with life-savers in our community. If you are curious about choosing cadaver labs, our clinical skills lab manager, Tony Basica, breaks it down in this blog post. To learn more about the Nicholson Center's bioskills lab, click the link below:



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