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Tips to Help Residents and Fellows Feel at Home 

Posted by Kendall Beaumont on May 23, 2017 5:02:02 PM

Majority of the time, medical personnel partaking in residencies and fellowships, have to move to another city to complete their medical training programs. This could mean living in an apartment or condo for a year or two. We asked the Orlando Apartment Experts at for their best tips on settling into temporary apartments in Orlando, and they provided their top five tips for making a temporary space feel like home!

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3 Things Your Medical Device Sales Team Needs to Know

Posted by Kathleen Kroll on Oct 20, 2016 4:31:41 PM

Medical device sales representatives have an incredibly complex profession. They must have their feet firmly planted in multiple industries while also possessing innate personable qualities. While some aspects of a good salesperson cannot be taught, there are plenty of effective methods to train your employees for medical device sales. Our medical sales training experts at the Nicholson Center have put together a checklist to ensure your team is well-versed and confident enough to land your biggest sales. 

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How to Build a Better Medical Team: Blending Culture with Experience

Posted by Carl Pfeiffer on Oct 3, 2016 9:54:08 AM

Hiring in the medical field often involves the challenge of finding a balance between medical and technical skills, as well as hospitality, friendliness and openness. Whether you’re in charge of hiring for a medical device company, hospital or general healthcare organization, it’s important to find employees who can not only hold their own in an information-rich industry but also stand out to clients and patients for their stellar work ethic.

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How Flexible Robots are Revolutionizing Surgery

Posted by Carl Pfeiffer on May 6, 2016 3:31:46 PM

According to a Health Research Funding report, the rate of robotic surgeries is increasing by 25 percent annually, showing that the procedure is continuing to make its mark in the medical industry and the number of new innovations is growing along with it. Most recently, a new type of flexible robot is bringing more precision and flexibility to surgical operations including head and neck surgeries. Other robotic devices are designed to operate on the abdomen, joints and chest, but they don’t work well with the head and neck operations due to the lack of flexible movements.

According to a recent CBS News article, the flexible robot could be “the next revolution in surgical advancements” by making certain types of operations less invasive, resulting in faster recovery times for patients. Surgeons at the University of Pittsburg Medical Center were the first to use the flexible robotic system.

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